A Complete Guide On How To Choose A Mattress: Factors To Consider

A Complete Guide On How To Choose A Mattress: Factors To Consider

A Preface

Sleep is very important for your good health and proper functioning. Are you losing sleeping due to the mattress issue? It is time for you to replace it and buy a new one. A comfortable and good quality mattress can help you to have a quality sound sleep. This can help you to feel more energized and can also enhance your health. But with so many options available online, it can be quite confusing for to choose the right mattress. Here we are to guide you on how to choose a mattress how to choose a mattress efficiently.

If you are considering buying a new mattress, then probably the old mattress is either hurting you or making your sleep miserable. Also, if you have bought a new bed and want a mattress for that, then also this guide can be helpful. If your mattress’s age is more than 8 years old, then it is probably a good idea to buy a new mattress. This will help you to get better sleep and will also help you to feel comfortable lying down on your bed.

Guide to choose the right mattress for you

We will discuss about all the important points or factors that you have to consider when buying a mattress for your bed.

Factor 1: Types of Mattress

There are different types of mattress for each type of person. To know which mattress will be ideal for you, you need to understand your personal preferences. With wide variety of mattresses available, it becomes usually very hard to choose the right one. Don’t worry as we will talk to you about all the types available in details.

1. Memory foam

There are many types of foam that are classified as the "memory foam". But not all the memory foams are created in same way. This type of foam can make great mattress because of their pressure relief, body contouring and great support. It is ideal for the ones who need body pressure relief, contouring, body shaping as well as great support.


  • No noise
  • Relieves the pressure
  • Ability to conform
  • Available widely
  • No transfer of any movement made


  • No bounce or sometimes may be a little
  • Possibility of heat retention
  • Edge support is questionable

2. Coils

Coils are quite a popular option when it comes to choosing the right mattress for your bed. The coil is also known as innerspring which is used in the mattress. It can be either one layer of spring coils or even more. These are generally the steel coils that help to provide comfort and support. With the change in technologies, different layers, numbers and types of coils are also changing. For more comfort and better support, a larger number of coils are needed. If you are wondering about how to choose a good mattress for the people who want durability, strong support and good bounce too, then this is the one.


  • Available quite easily
  • Good flow of air and keep it cool
  • Provides good support and bounce
  • Different options for firmness


  • Sagging and deformation of the coils is possible
  • Noise can be an issue
  • Very poor motion isolation

3. Hybrid

As the name suggests, this type of mattress is made from a combination of both coils and foams. These hybrid mattresses are designed to provide maximum benefits and minimum drawbacks. It can provide the best of both the worlds where you get body contouring and best support as well. This is ideal for the people who are looking for good bounce as well as good support along with pressure relief and optimal cooling.


  • Different options for firmness
  • Support and conforming combo
  • Better motion isolation
  • Increased circulation of air


  • Possibility of heat retention
  • Comes in a pricier side
  • Not much durable

4. Latex

As made up of latex, these mattresses are quite popular for it cooling properties as well as amazing comfort. Latex is quite popular for its comfort, cooling, bounce and responsiveness. Also this is great for the sleepers who don’t want too much contouring of the body. This mattress comes with some pros and cons.


  • No noise will be made
  • Customization available for some cases
  • Great for the eco-friendly buyers
  • Many options for price and firmness


  • Possibility of heat retention
  • Availability is limited
  • Odor is possible in initial stage
  • Can be quite heavy

5. Pillow top 

With different types of categories available ranging from latex and coil to hybrid and memory, the pillowtop mattresses come with a layer made up of soft material. It is either stuffed or it is sewed into the cover. This can provide some extra comfort as well as cushion to the sleeper. It is ideal for the ones who like softer mattress with more padded or cushion comfort. Do you love a cloud-type support or comfort when you are sleeping? Then this type of mattress can offer you with the best surface to sleep in a more relaxed way. 


  • Off-gassing is quite less
  • Available in an affordable price
  • Very soft and comfortable
  • Often comes with two-sided designs


  • Can possibly retain heat
  • Dipping and sagging is possible
  • Particular sheet is needed

6. Adjustable

The adjustable mattress offer a very unique ability to change the position of your sleep completely based on what your preference is. This can elevate the head or even the feet offering you more options than any other traditional products. These mattresses are also great for the people who are suffering from any chronic lumbar pain or have an issue with snoring. This mattress is ideal for the ones with any medical conditions like snoring or lower back pain.


  • Offers a zero gravity position
  • Adjustable firmness or support
  • Reduce the acid reflux
  • Has potential to relieve pain


  • Very heavy
  • Poor designs
  • Can make noise
  • Malfunction is possible

Factor 2: The Budget

The next factor that you have to consider is the budget that you will like to allocate for buying the new mattress. Gone are those days when you have to go to the store and lay or sit down on the mattresses to find out which one is the best. Are you confused about how to choose a mattress online? Don’t worry as now a days, most of the companies offer free shipping and trial period for everyone to try and then buy. Online mattress shopping has become quite popular lately.

If you are looking for the right value for money where you get comfort and good sleep on the mattress, you have to choose the best. Rather than sorting out the most expensive one or the cheapest one, your motive should be to buy the best quality mattress without burning a hole in your pocket. There are different mattresses available online with great quality. To get the best value for the mattress apply the formula:

(Durability + Quality + Feel) is divided by Price to get the Value

You need to understand that finding the best memory foam is not about the pricing or your comfort. But it is a combination of both where you can get good sleep along with a good longevity for the mattress too. Some of the steps for choosing the best mattress in budget are:

  • Don’t opt for the cheapest one
  • Price is not always equal to the quality
  • Slightly increase your budget if you want king size
  • Pay for a good quality mattress

Factor 3: Firmness of the Mattress

Firmness is all about how hard or how soft you want your mattress to be. What firmness will you need? This the most common question that everyone asks. The firmness of the mattress completely depends on your preferences and choices. It is quite subjective to your weight, type of your body, size and many more.

People often confuse between firmness and support. A mattress that can provide a good support means that it can keep the spinal cord in the right and perfect alignment without creating any pressure points.

3.1 Body Weight

How to choose the ideal firmness according to your body weight?

  • Light: It is ideal for the ones who are less than 150 pounds. This provides medium firmness and will not sink a lot. You can opt for the 5 to 6 firmness if you are 150 pounds. But if you are lighter, then you have to choose the 4.

For a softer feel, 3 to 4 firmness is ideal.

  • Average: It is ideal or the people weighing between 150 pounds to 200 pounds. If you want the standard firmness in this category, then you can opt for 5 to 7 firmness. This can provide great comfort and support. Some sleepers may need softer one.

For them, 3 to 5 is ideal.

  • Heavier: For anyone who is above 200 pounds, will need a firmer mattress to avoid any sinking. To ensure that there is no heat retention, then consider buying coil mattresses. It is better to choose a mattress which is 12 inch thick for better support and softer feel.

For better support, a thick mattress and hybrid are recommended.

3.2 Sleeping Positions

Selecting firmness also depends on the sleeping positions. What position do you prefer while sleeping?

Generally, it is either on the back or on stomach or on side. Sometimes it is a little bit of all of these 3.

Everyone’s sleeping pattern and position is quite unique. So, choosing the right firmness based on the

sleeping position can be a tough call to make.

  • Side sleepers: Most of the people sleep on their sides and this can inflict pain or discomfort in the hip joints or shoulder. The main reason for this is choosing the wrong type of bedding. You need to make sure that the mattress is medium soft to provide enough support and comfort to the side sleeper.

They can opt for the firmness level 3 to 6

  • Back sleepers: Many people sleep on their back and for these sleepers, the two most important things are support and firmness. If the mattress is very soft, then it can create some pressure points for the back sleepers. Also, it doesn’t provide much support to the sleepers. They need something which is a bit firmer to give optimum support.

They can opt for the firmness level 4 to 7

  • Stomach sleepers: This is the worst position to sleep. But many people choose to sleep on their stomach. The most important thing is that they need equal distribution of the weight. If the mattress is very soft, then it will make your spine curve causing a lot of back pain. Hence, they need medium firmness.

They can opt for the firmness level 5 to 7

Summary – Choosing the right mattress

From the entire guide mentioned above, hope it is completely clear to you about how to choose a good mattress. To make it easier for you, we have a compact summary here to help you to find the right mattress:

1. Do you need new bed mattress?

If your current mattress is giving your trouble sleeping or you are experiencing back pain or neck pain, then you need to change it. Also, if the mattress is more than 8 years old, then it is high time to replace it with a new one.

2. Which mattress is best for you?

We have discussed all the types elaborately above to help you find the right mattress for your needs. While memory foam offers you a great contour and hug, coil feels more bouncy and provides better support. You need to choose the type based on your needs.

3. What should be your budget?

Determine the budget that works perfectly for you. Ideally, a good mattress will cost you around $800 to $1000. If you have budget constraints then you can check the online market as you can find some great discount. But don’t settle for a bad quality mattress as it is available in cheaper price.

4. What is your body weight?

Choose your ideal mattress based on your body weight. Read the elaboration to understand which mattress and firmness will work best for your body type or weight.

5. What is your sleeping position?

Not everyone’s sleeping position is same and this position can help you to find the best mattress for your comfort. When you are choosing the right mattress make sure that you are choosing something that provides best support to your body in your sleeping position.

Hopefully, this guide has answered all your queries regarding how to choose a mattress for your bed. Well, sleep is important and you need to ensure that you are getting the best quality sleep. But for that, you will need to find out the best mattress.

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