Silence Memory Foam Mattress

Double airflow wave shape foam relieves pressure points and conforms to your body, supportive without sink into the mattress.

Avenco Silence Memory Foam Mattress
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Original Hybrid Mattress

With foam added on the corner, it provides better edge support and body contouring, enjoys a full night sleep.

Avenco Original Hybrid Mattress
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Starry Memory Foam Mattress

The latest technology of special shape foam can provide you suitable firmness of the head and the tail of the bed.

Avenco Starry 10
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How to choose a mattress?

What mattress is best for me?

What kind of mattress do I need ?

There are different types of mattresses for each type of person. To know which mattress will be ideal for you, you need to understand your personal preferences. If you prefer a soft mattress you can consider memory foam type, wise versa, you canpick a hybrid mattress if you prefer great support.

What mattress is best for lower back pain?

Our Zone Mattress is a medium-firm feeling, which is very suitable for back sleepers. It has enough support to maintain the correct body alignment, but soft enough to maintain comfort.

What firmness mattress do I need?

Firmness is atricky topic. This is because firmness is highly subjective. After all, what is"plush" or "firm" for me? Everyone has a different view anddefinition of the meaning of these words according to their perception, understanding, and desire. We want to help sleepers find the ideal firmness.

Our mattresses firmness as below for reference: (From 1 to 10, 10 is plush)

Zone 10’’Hybrid Mattress: 4.5 Firm.

Zone 12’’Hybrid Mattress: 4 Medium - Firm

Original HybridMattress: 4.5 Firm

Silence 10’’Memory Foam Mattress: 7 Medium - Plush

Silence 12’’Memory Foam Mattress: 7.5 Plush

Starry 10’’Memory Foam Mattress: 5 or 7 (Head & Tail)

Starry 14’’Memory Foam Mattress: 6 to 8 (adjustable)

What type of mattress is best for a heavy person?

Sometimes it's difficult for larger people to find a mattress that is supportive andcomfortable enough. Our Zone mattress and Original Hybrid mattress is specially designed for an overweight person. Excellent support without sacrificing sleepcomfort.

What is the best mattress for side sleepers?

Avenco Silence Mattress is designed for side sleepers in particular. The comfort layer ofmemory foam reduces pressure points and keeps the spine aligned, there by reducing shoulder and back pain.

What mattress size is right for me?

To choose the right mattress size, you should consider how big your bedroom is and whether it is shared with a partner, child, or pet.

Our most popular pick is queen size mattress and full mattresses are an ideal choice for adults and guest room. Twin mattresses can use for children's room and the Twin XL mattress is more suitable for university dorm students, or you can combine two Twin XL you will get a dimension closer to a King.

For those family use, with partners, pets, or children, theKing or California King is recommended. Still cannot decide? Please check our mattress size guide.

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