8 Easy Steps on How to Move a Mattress

8 Easy Steps on How to Move a Mattress

Moving the mattress is never easy, especially when trying to do it yourself. Many people experience problems when deciding on the best way and tactics to apply when moving a mattress. Sometimes they end up experiencing difficulties, unnecessary costs and sometimes damages to the mattress because of lacking relevant and adequate information on how to move a mattress. There are many factors you need to consider so that you can move your mattress with ease. This is why we have prepared this article just for you.

As such, read this post for our best tips and tricks to move your mattress on your own and make sure you and your mattress don't get hurt or damaged in the process.

1. Thing to Know Before You Move A Mattress

1.1 Evaluate Your Mattress Before Moving It

Before you begin cleaning, wrapping, and loading your mattress, consider its age. If your mattress is 7-10 years old, saggy, or uncomfortable, you can replace it. Moving is the perfect time to choose a new mattress if you need one. However, don't leave a perfect mattress when you can follow these steps and take them with you. After all, learning to move the mattress is not that difficult.


1.2 Consider the Size of Your Mattress

You might think that the bigger the mattress, the harder it is to move it. However, this is not always the case. It can be difficult to move a queen-size mattress through narrow hallways and corners. These factors are important to consider when planning to move your mattress.


1.3 Choose the Right Vehicle

Once you know the size of your mattress, you can start thinking about the right vehicle for the job. You want to avoid folding your mattress when you can. So, try to use a car where the mattress can lie flat. When deciding how to move your mattress, keep in mind that standard (no-split) mattresses generally only fit on moving trucks.

 DIY mobile truck

The best way to transport the mattress safely is a DIY mobile truck. If you can get one, you can fit almost any mattress in the back. Just make sure there is nothing heavy on your mattress and that everything that rests on the surface is flat. Don't worry if you don't have access to a moving truck. You still have options.

 Moving van/ truck

The second best way to transport a mattress is a truck. Are you wondering how to transport a mattress on a truck? Simply remove or fold the seats and slide the mattress in. Another good way to get a mattress is a minivan. It can accommodate most of the double and twin mattresses and even some queen size mattresses. Although this option shows your mattress, it should be fine as long as you roll and secure it well.

Cars and SUV

Some of the smaller mattresses can fit in a large car or SUV if you remove the seats. To see if the seats fit you, remove them, and measure the cargo space to your mattress's dimensions. You can also place most mattresses on top of the car. However, this is the riskiest option, and I do not recommend it. The mattress is tough to secure, which could damage your mattress or your car, or worse, an accident.

If that's your only option, cars and SUVs with flat roofs and luggage racks are the way to go. Place the mattress on the ceiling and secure it by attaching it directly to the ceiling rails. Do this in as many places as possible to secure it to the top of the car.


Pickup Truck

Tie one end of the rope or nylon tape to the D-rings, wrap it over the mattress, and lock or tie the remaining substrate (using the "Trucker's Hitch" knot).

If your mattress is larger than the cargo area, you may need to leave the rear door open. Secure the back of the mattress with a rope or strap to the "X" to prevent it from slipping.

 If you are wondering, "But how does a mattress move without a truck or truck?" Well, this is where it gets tricky. If the mattress doesn't fit your car at all, you can load and secure it. However, we do not recommend it. When you move a mattress this way, a lot can go wrong, from damaging the mattress to damaging another car and causing an accident. It is possible, but it is never worth the risk.

2. What you need to know how to move a mattress by yourself

When thinking about transporting a mattress, the first thing to do is to prepare your supplies. Each mattress you want to move needs a mattress protector bag that is the right size for the mattress you want to move. You will also need tape to stiffen the bag and provide additional protection. A roll of rubber film can also be used. A wheelbarrow or wheelbarrow can come in handy depending on how remote your home's cargo area is. Multiple ratchet sets or Hook belts may be required to secure the mattress after loading. And don't forget to add scissors to your moving supplies.

2.1 Tools

Hand Truck or Dolly

A wheelbarrow or wheelbarrow can make it easy to move the mattress from the bedroom to the transport van to your new home. You can buy or rent a doll of your choice from local hardware stores or carriers.


Tool Set

If the mattress is on a bed frame, tools such as a wrench, screwdriver, and Allen key. The bed frame can be removed with a key and reassembled at a later time.


2.2 Materials

Investing in additional supplies can make your move easier and ensure safe order delivery. Some of these devices can be rented or purchased from an operator or online.


Mattress Bag: Using the mattress bag helps in protecting the mattresses from getting dirty, damaged, dust, and possible infestations so you can safely empty them into your new home.


Dolly or dolly cart: A dolly or dolly can make it easy to move a mattress from one bedroom to a transfer car to your new home. You can buy or rent a doll of your choice from local hardware stores or carriers.

Ratchet Cord Belt: The ratchet strap is a two-part cord strap ideal for securing a mattress to a cargo box or truck.


Nylon Rope: As an alternative, you can secure your mattress with a sturdy rope. You can find it in hardware stores.


Cardboard: If your mattress is more flexible, securing it with a large piece of flat cardboard can make it easier to move.


Duct Tape: Be sure to use durable and robust shipping. Masking, shipping, and tape includes durable adhesives that are generally waterproof, strong enough to hold and seal the mattress bag. It can prevent moisture from getting into the bag, which could damage the mattress.

Retractable Knife: No action is complete without a reliable knife. Be sure to use a sharp, undamaged blade when cutting the mattress bag and avoid cutting the mattress yourself. Every local hardware store has knives. Be sure to follow all safety instructions when using the knife!


Sandwich Bag: Keeping all parts, kits, bolts, and nuts together in a sandwich bag ensures no essential parts are lost when the bed is removed or moved.


3. A Step-by-Step Guide on how to move a mattress

Moving your mattress can be a smooth and easy process if you follow these steps.


1. Place your mattress in the mattress pocket.

Put your mattress in a mattress bag and sealed it with protection. Then place the mattress on the floor or against a wall

2. Delete a track.

Plan your route for the transport vehicle and remove any objects and debris that could block the sidewalk and stairs.

Make sure all doors are open and wide enough to allow the mattress to pass through when transporting or rolling on a cart or cart.

3. Prepare your transport vehicle.

Make sure the car doors are open, and the interior is clean. If the seats need to be removed or pushed, complete this process before transferring the mattress to the vehicle. 

4. Raise the mattress.

With one person on each side of the mattress, hold the bottom corners of the mattress's length and lift them together. Avoid lifting your back. Instead, tighten your torso and use your legs to propel the elevator.


5. Place the mattress on a cart.

Lay the mattress upright on its side and place it on the cart when the mattress is loose, secure both sides with the cardboard for support. Don't try to roll up a mattress with a doll.

If you don't have a stroller or a wheelbarrow, the rail in the car with cardboard will slide the mattress across the floor.


6. Load the mattress in your car.

If using a moving van or pickup truck, lift the dolly mattress into the car's cargo area.

If you need to transport your mattress in a car or SUV, you must use a mattress bag to protect the elements' mattress fabric. Be very careful when placing the mattress on the roof or the rack and check for cracks. If a moving truck/van is not an option, follow the instructions below for your vehicle.


7. Secure the mattress.

Depending on the type of vehicle you are using, use the following guidelines to secure your mattress:

Truck / Truck Transport: If possible, lay the mattress flat on the suspension. Make sure the mattress is not stacked on top of anything and vice versa.

When setting up your mattress, lean the mattress against the side of the supporting wall. Use ratchet straps or nylon ropes to secure them to the stabilizer bars.


Pick up: Lay your mattress flat in the best possible way at the cargo area. Tie one end of the rope or nylon tape to the D-rings, wrap it over the mattress, and lock or tie the remaining substrate (using the "Trucker's Hitch" knot).

If your mattress is larger than the cargo area, you may need to leave the rear door open. Secure the back of the mattress with a rope or strap to the "X" to prevent it from slipping.

Car / SUV (with luggage rack):

1.Place the mattress on the luggage rack and check for cracks or tears in the mattress bag.

2.Thread a ratchet or nylon strap horizontally to hold the mattress.

3.Attach the mattress into the frame with a sturdy knot, such as a trucker's knot or one of those other common knots used on the go.

Car / SUV (without roof rack): If your vehicle does not have a roof rack, place the mattress on the roof of the vehicle and check for cracks or breaks.


8. Drive carefully and slowly.


Driving with a heavy load on or in the rear of the vehicle can be difficult. Continue at a moderate pace to make sure the mattress does not move when you turn, apply hard brakes, or accelerate.

Especially if your mattress is glued to the ceiling, stop and check it regularly to make sure it stays secure. If possible, take to the streets and watch out for possible changes.


5. How to Unpack a Mattress

You have learned how to easily transport a mattress and move it to your new home. Congratulations. However, the day was not over yet. You still have to empty the mattress. Loosen the moving straps and slide your mattress out of the car. It is a good idea to hire a friend to do this to prevent the mattress from accidentally falling off or having to be moved to your new home. Take it and take out the plastic bag. We recommend placing it in a room that does not belong to your bedroom so that you have space to assemble the bed frame.


Do you want to know how to empty and sterilize your mattress? You got lucky! Moving is a great time to clean your mattress thoroughly. If possible, place your mattress outside on a movable blanket for an hour or two.


Then sprinkle baking soda on your mattress and vacuum after a few hours.


Finally, spray the mattress gently with a disinfectant and wipe it with a clean cloth. You can reassemble your bed while your mattress is dry. Once it's completely dry, you're good to go!


If you don't have time, vacuum the mattress, fan it near an open window, and leave the sheets on as long as possible. You want to sleep on a clean mattress, so you shouldn't miss this step.


6. How to Store a Mattress

Are you not moving your mattress to the new location immediately? Do not worry! Renting a storage unit is easy, and you can rent a small storage unit for $ 45 a month. Once you know how to store your mattress properly, you can be sure that it will be new and clean when you move it to your new home. Before storing your mattress, you should clean it well.

Bring a vacuum cleaner to remove dust and debris.


Then cover the mattress with a light, breathable cover.


Do not store your mattress in plastic wrap.


It locks in moisture and turns your bed into a breeding ground for bacteria.


Always store the mattress on the base, horizontally, and on a flat surface. Ensure your storage space is appropriately packed and organized and that nothing is left on your mattress to keep it in good condition.


To remove your mattress, follow the same steps you did when moving and emptying it. As usual, clean and sterilize the mattress well before sleeping on it.


This is the complete set and caboodle. Now you know how to transport, store and clean your mattress most safely and painlessly possible. We hope this guide takes a break from your travel day, so you have more time to sit down and get a good night's sleep. Enjoy the action!


7. FAQs on how to move a mattress

  • Is it legal to put a mattress in your car?

Yes, it is legal to put a mattress in your car; however, if you do not properly install the mattress on top of your car.

It is illegal because you are endangering your life and that of others on the road.

Specific laws vary by geographic location.

  • How much does it cost to move the mattress?

The cost of transporting the mattress depends on your method of transport. Transporting a mattress in the car yourself means you don't have to pay for anything unless you want to buy moving equipment, like a cart or mattress bag, to make it easier to get around.


Purchasing a rental car to transport a mattress generally costs $ 20 to $ 30 per hour plus an additional fee, depending on how far you drive.


  • Do you need a mattress bag to move your mattress?

You don't need a mattress bag to move your mattress, but it has many advantages. You can also use a mattress protector.


  • How do I move a mattress myself?

Moving a mattress alone is not recommended, especially if the mattress is big and heavy. If you move the mattress, it is best to seek help. You can ask a friend or hire some friendly transporters to do all the heavy lifting for you. Make sure to cover your mattress with plastic before moving it to keep it clean.


  • How is the mattress covered when it is moved?

It is important to cover your mattress while you move to keep it clean and fresh. Use a canvas or painter's plastic that you can find at any hardware store. Lay your mattress on the floor. Fold the plastic and secure it with a tape gun.


  • How do I move a mattress if you do not have handles?

It is easy to move the mattress if you do not have handles. The needed items for this task include a rope or a belt. Fold the plastic over it and secure it with a tape gun before wrapping some extra risers in the mattress.

  • How to pack a mattress on the go?

Seek the help of a friend, as two hands are better than one. Fold the plastic over it and secure it with a tape gun before wrapping some extra risers in the mattress.


  • Can you wrap a flexible foam mattress?

Memory foam mattresses cannot be rolled up but can be folded for easy portability. Put paint or tarp on the floor, place your mattress on top of the plastic or tarp, have a friend sit on the mattress, fold the mattress, and secure it with a rope or belt. Wrap in plastic wrap and secure.


8. General Mattress Moving Tips

Transporting the folded mattress is easier and safer. The ribbons or strings will help carry the mattress to the car, while the plastic or tarp will keep it clean and new for your new bedroom. Always seek a friend's help because it will be frustrating to do such a tedious task on your own.


Moving into your new home is an exciting time. Reduce the situation by renting a moving truck if you can. Seek help from a few friends (the more hands, the better), and remember that cleaning your sleep is crucial to your overall health and well-being.


If your mattress is over seven years old, it is uncomfortable and causes you pain every morning. Consider updating your mattress. Buying a new mattress online is convenient, costs less than a physical mattress store, and has it delivered to your home.

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